Clothing store how to do a good job positioning

clothing market has great business opportunities, the successful operation of the clothing store, the need to do a lot of efforts, there are many tips on business management in this regard. How to operate the clothing store? How to locate the clothing store? Novice clothing store to pay attention to what issues? Today I will bring you to know.

1, commodity positioning

2, business format positioning

Localization of

format is a necessary step to open clothing store. Clothing store new entrants should be placed in an important position in the format. Which format is most suitable to open the shop? Is located in the department store counters, the small size of the high-end clothing stores, or general business area of the store, or affordable clothing store? Is the way to direct shop, or a franchise? It is up to the new entrants according to their own business decision.

3, business strategy positioning

common brand store most have adopted a single brand positioning and locking operation. For the non brand image of the bulk clothing stores are generally taken to lock the price positioning. The relatively small size of the clothing store, limited funds and space, to counter management, consignment management or direct purchase of the direct way.



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