Daqing college students can apply for interest free mortgage loans for two years

to lower the threshold for college students to start the business, the introduction of different help policies around the country, so that venture capital becomes more simple. Daqing college students enjoy two years interest free mortgage business loan preferential policies, corporate financing maximum loan 2 million.

now, I only bank of Longjiang Daqing Longxiang branch opened this loan business. The bank staff told reporters that there are two kinds of loan business, one is to support college students entrepreneurship, one is to support college graduates entrepreneurship. Among them, college students venture, maximum loan of 100 thousand yuan; graduate students venture financing, as long as it is within five years of graduation, or going abroad (border) returnees, personal maximum loan 100 thousand yuan, the legal maximum loan 2 million yuan.

before students start often because of lack of financial strength and the west side, now the low threshold loan policy, let the students a customer can easily obtain financing, more power to expand production scale of services, to meet the challenges of the market.

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