Entrepreneurial experience to help find a job

entrepreneurship for young people, is not only a choice of employment, or a good way to hone their own, let young students through entrepreneurship understand the real needs of the society and the reality of the market, for the future work and entrepreneurship are of great help.

in the environment of innovation of the current public entrepreneurship peoples, many college students prepare for the future of social entrepreneurship through campus entrepreneurship way. However, experienced campus entrepreneurship knowledge, can be successful after all just a handful, most people would be "shot dead on the beach". This part of the graduates in the search for a job, a more practical practice, very welcome to the unit.

recently held in Shunde Tsinghua recruitment meeting, the reporter met from UIBE oda. ODA is an undergraduate student, junior students had registered a micro shop to engage in purchasing, sales in the campus beauty skin care products, daily necessities and the trend of women’s reading, by ODA in Japan to help them buy cousin. Small Tian Yuan think, their biggest advantage is to be able to guarantee the quality of life and personality are all authentic". Micro shop opened in the first two months, the order is indeed a lot, at least a day can have a single five or six, but slowly sales plummeted. He began to see that the initial orders are from their classmates or acquaintances, because trust or hold a mind to help him with this order, human users is to buy a one or two, not long endure. It is very difficult to attract new users. And their small team, after all, energy is limited, can not buy a small number of products, that is, a total of dozens of species, it is difficult to meet the diverse needs of users. In recent years the cross-border electricity too much, people are also guarantee hundred percent authentic, through special channels to get the goods even more than in the native cheaper, of course people are more willing to buy this business website." ODA said, his micro shop insisted more than half a year, finally put up the shutters.

Recently, Beijing also held a

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