2011 fall fashion trends in winter and autumn trends in women’s clothing 2011

2011 autumn ladies fashion trends 2011 autumn ladies fashion trends trend every season has also changed the continuation of 2011 autumn and winter, the neutral neon color suits, fur hats, continue to pop; wind, warm and elegant sport Baseball Jacket feather skirt single product also Shirupozhu the emergence of T on Taiwan, become the focus that can not be ignored. Today, I will take you to understand the 2011 trends in the autumn and winter of the ten key words, to see what you want to try?

retro wind blowing in the new season, the more violent, the classic elements of nature has also been moved onto the T platform, polka dot is one of them. 2011 fashion week, Mark? Jacobs (Marc Jacobs) wave elements show throughout the whole story, the designers cleverly dyeing wave point and bright surface patch wave single product to do collocation, let the classics elements radiate new vitality, wave with the feet of the dress model seems to be tough boots, ladies to the modern society.

other brands have different points of use, or hollowing out to show sexy, or combined with the line to create abstract effects, are refreshing.

2011 autumn and winter fashion women’s recommendation:

female Han ajeni Pie: http://s.shang360.com/item/8924/

and mengsha women: http://s.shang360.com/item/8748/

nishang clothing: http://s.shang360.com/item/4371/

The Fanny clothing: http://s.shang360.com/item/2037/

City tribe woman: http://s.shang360.com/item/1934/

temptation woman: http://s.shang360.com/item/855/

ihlow Sha: http://s.shang360.com/item/55/


love women: http://s.shang360.com/item/119/

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