Dandong introduced a number of policies to help innovation and Entrepreneurship

China belongs to the northeast old industrial base area, in order to be in the new era of entrepreneurship and innovation to seize the opportunities for development, Dandong city began to "the majority of people interested in participating in the entrepreneurial stage, 000 bridging" help entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

1 15, located in the Yalu River in Dandong, Liaoning Shengjielu Automotive Services Limited business. A few months ago, Qin Yu and his buddies with "Internet plus" upgrade the automotive service industry project award for excellence in Dandong youth entrepreneurship competition, they will dream into reality. From the Dandong Municipal Employment Bureau, since 2012, has more than 10000 Dan: to start a new life of their business.

"last year the city issued business loans 44 million 200 thousand yuan, 1798 new venture. This year, the venture capital loans adjusted to 100 thousand yuan. College students in the field of high-tech entrepreneurship, given 200 thousand yuan of venture capital loans. Study on the implementation of scientific research personnel undergo post entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship policy, encourage rural labor entrepreneurship, promote entrepreneurship employment strategy." Dandong City Bureau of entrepreneurship employment chief Zhu Shengliang said that in recent years, Dandong city government at all levels and relevant departments issued a series of preferential policies, "set up a bridge" for entrepreneurs "escort", the emergence of a large number of entrepreneurs like Qin Yu.


Chinese is not a lack of development opportunities, especially under the management of the upsurge of invasion, a passenger is facing industrial transformation and upgrade brings infinite blue ocean market. As long as we can grasp the opportunity for transformation, the old industrial base can also create brilliant in the new era.

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