Hot pot franchise stores to attract customers is very important

now during the winter is a good season to eat Hot pot, this time at the same time of year, there will be many who choose to Hot pot chowhound restaurant, there are a lot of entrepreneurs want to open Hot pot shop, when you choose to open self-service stores in the project Hot pot shop before, how to do a good job shop shop to need to want? Self Hot pot stores customers coming and going to the shop or the main decoration, decoration and novel to attract talent is the key to profitability.

self-service stores – plenty of room decoration Hot pot

first self-service stores internal decoration of the Hot pot to the broad vision, because the number of meals more, great mobility, customer needs while holding food can keep an eye on their dining table near the situation, can also be a good friend and table with the eyes or actions to communicate. Therefore, to ensure that the self-service hot pot stores in the field of vision is relatively wide, at a glance.

self-service stores Hot pot decoration spacious aisle

self-service stores – the appropriate partition decoration Hot pot

If a self-service stores Hot pot large internal spaces, then it will put more of the table. Too many tables if you do not make a simple distinction, then in the middle part of the people to go back to eat vegetables, but also need to observe a moment to know where he was sitting. With a brief partition can be divided into a region, but also allow customers to have a certain dining space.

self-service Hot pot franchise store decoration is mainly to solve the congestion problem as a large flow of people, then the region made a brief distinction, not to let the whole space is monotone.

self-service stores Hot pot decoration to ensure the spacious and open field of vision, while also taking into account the space between customers and private dining table and the table. We can design a variety of forms to solve the problem of the three elements, but only after solving these three elements in order to get twice the result with half the effort.

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