Online travel into a hot investment ways to break through the cattle

is now online tourism bursting with popularity, many business giants have started to invest in online travel, as a "generation" of the way cattle in the end how to the fierce talent shows itself in this struggle?

8, OTA announced second quarter earnings, eLong net loss of 356 million yuan, where a net loss of 815 million yuan, the way cattle net loss of 246 million yuan.

side is like the ocean market share, one side is like water to burn war. In such a time of conflict, OTA often gets tired of it, and is full of expectations for the future.

in the bottom line of money in the game, the way cattle

how to break through?

90 days to complete the details of cooperation with Jingdong

2006 in October, duright founded tuniu network. That year he was 25 years old, after 8 years in the u.s..

in May this year, the Jingdong to dished out an olive branch. To $350 million strategic investment in the way cattle, the depth of strategic cooperation. Jingdong provides the way cattle big data, financial services, traffic and other operating resources.

According to Jingdong

with recommended travel

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