Want to know the reason for your failure

a lot of people want to start a business, many people have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, there are a lot of people are suffering from the results of entrepreneurial failure. Business for many years, has done several different projects, but are not really successful, often reflect on their own, why so hard, also have some success, why is not successful? A profound summary down, there is no successful factors of nothing more than that:

1) there is no clear goals.

2) no extraordinary ambition.

3) lack of self-discipline.

4). This is one of the most common causes of failure,.

5) lack of perseverance. No matter what you do, most people are confident at the beginning, but it can not win.

6) negative personality. There is no hope of success for those who reject others for their negative personality. Cheng

8) lack of decisive decision-making power. Successful people make decisions and then slowly improve if necessary.

9) excessive caution. People who do not take the initiative to seize the opportunity can only pick up the opportunity to pick up others, excessive caution and not careful enough, life is full of accidental ingredients.

10) superstition and prejudice. Superstition is a form of fear, but also the performance of ignorance, the success of a broad mind, fearless.

11) target is designed. "Know-it-all, everything is loose", will try to focus on one of the main objectives.

12) lack of enthusiasm. Without enthusiasm, a person will not be convincing, and enthusiasm has a kind of appeal, a person with enthusiasm, and appropriate control of enthusiasm, often welcomed by the people.

13). It is difficult to make any progress with a narrow mind, which means that a person does not actively acquire knowledge.

14) deliberately infidelity. Honesty is an irreplaceable quality, driven by an uncontrollable environment, a person may not be loyal, it will not cause permanent damage. However, if a person deliberately infidelity, incurable. Sooner or later he will be found, he may be the price of loss of credibility, or even lose their freedom.

15) selfishness and vanity. These quality problems, such as a red light, people dare not close, is a fatal factor in the success of obstruction.

16) speculation without thinking. Most people tend to be careless or lazy, unwilling to bother with the fact that they are used for accurate thinking. They like to guess or

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