The retail business households note what

every year are shop sales soared in time, however, it is also rampant criminals of the time, therefore, as the owner, natural and more attention need to put more attention. Nearly a year, our retail business households is in a busy state, while ignoring many of its prevention. In order to prevent emergency situations such as emergencies, we should do a good job in advance to deal with the potential crisis. There are problems we should pay attention to our retail households, the following to see how these retail households, they are how to do a good job of security precautions.

Shandong Huimin Hu set retail Cao Linlin

keep the store can not be of two minds

90 after Cao Linlin, when keeping the store space, and many of his peers, there is a bad hobby, like pulling out the phone brush WeChat, playing QQ, etc.. Mobile phone as a small size, high value, hands fast carry objects, has been the preferred target of thieves.

she said, during the last year, a new mobile phone she purchased just because of his own negligence, and thieves pilfering". At that time, the store after another to a few customers to buy cigarettes, I just put the mobile phone at the checkout counter, busy move customer. During that time, two customers were back and forth for a long time at the counter. To a few boxes of cigarettes, said the company with smoke, billing. I had to give them a good start in accordance with the requirements of small ticket, waiting for me after all this, then find the mobile phone, mobile phone but never come back. After my careful recollection, the thief when I deal with them at the same time, while I do not pay attention to steal the phone.


lost a cell phone, but also to bring a series of problems, many customers and dealers lost contact. Even for a new phone, there are a series of adaptation.

through this incident, let her have a further understanding of the operation. As long as the operating period, try not to cling to mobile phones and other information tools. For business not to wholeheartedly into the business of two minds, in the full spirit, enthusiastic service to consumers, not busy in error, let the thief loopholes.

Shandong Huimin Jinqiao retail Li Hongchang

keep pace with the times, keep up with the network information age

Li Hongchang’s shop is a typical husband and wife shop, the owner of the main, the female owner. He is responsible for the purchase of goods, his wife in the store operations. Due to the couple a clear division of labor, store in peacetime operations also in the off-season. But during the holidays, his wife is busy, often busy in error.

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