Southern China’s first car theme complex start investment

in recent years, the development of our domestic auto industry speed and some people are of the size should be obvious to people, at the same time, the automobile industry is also booming, recently, in Shunde there are some industrial park in car related investment activities.

in addition, will also be supporting a super 30 thousand square meters of automotive professional venue. According to the person in charge of Industrial Park, this is the first Foshan area of over 30 thousand square meters of the automotive professional test field, including new depth test area, professional test lanes, the whole road cross-country experience area and activity center etc..

It is reported that the project

, as one of the key projects of Ronggui street in 2015, Ronggui city is a key project update. Ronggui will rely on the leading role of the industrial park to create an opportunity to build the road to the island of Guangxi automobile industry belt, further boost industrial restructuring and upgrading of the city.

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