Yu Minhong looking for hope in despair

ten years ago, the North may know the name Yu Minhong are numbered; ten years later, the whole China college secondary and even primary school students know that there is a China Yu Minhong, a new oriental. Ten years of sword, Yu Minhong had not the year of the unknown university faculty, with success in New Oriental, Yu Minhong won the honors, for several years, he has appeared in the "Asia week" " in twenty-first Century 10 people " China social influence; "Youth", Chinese " in twenty-first Century 100 people affected " Chinese society; and the "Sanlian Life Weekly" " in twenty-first Century 25 people " Chinese social influence; and "China economic times" " twenty-first Century can not be ignored 10 business people " etc.. Yu Minhong behind all this success aura, does not seem to change much, is still a sports clothing, is still his signature expression, appeared in the China Center for economic research the floor, let him have mixed feelings appeared in Peking University.

and out into the north, North

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