To know the children’s clothing store four stages of consumer demands

now the children in the family can be described as a small emperor, the child has what needs, parents will try to meet and give the best. Many investors in accordance with this market opportunity, want to invest in opening a children’s clothing store, which needs to understand the needs of children of different ages consumption characteristics.

how to open children’s clothing store? The children’s market is not single, so in the planning’s advertising, should be based on different groups of children’s psychology and the use of targeted advertising, according to the importance of children’s psychology and group characteristics and "KENMAN" can be divided into four target groups:

(1) children aged from 0 to 5 years old, the age of the children’s clothing shop almost entirely dependent on their parents’ decisions. Advertisers in the planning’s advertising, the parents as the main object to ask for, tell them your products can make the baby grow faster and healthier, convinced them to buy your product is a right choice.

(2) aged from 6 to 9. Is a group of popular groups, but also the most heavyweight TV viewers. With the growth of the age and the rising of the status of the consumer, their ability to influence the behavior of the parents is becoming stronger and stronger. Want to open a clothing store advertising to impress this group, it must know what love is "carrot", or "green", the love of advertising framework built on consumer psychology and behavior of their needs, with its approval and acceptance.

(3) 10 years old to 13 years old, a group of teenagers like to imitate, enhance the stages of children’s consumption capacity, in many cases, they not only participate in the purchase decision, but also gradually become a major decision to buy their family. Children at this stage deliberately imitate the appearance and behavior of adults. If there is a heart of worship of the star will buy popular activities related, so that they are more eager to share the popular with teenagers. In the planning stage’s advertising, should be based on their understanding of psychology, according to their interests related to product design style, color and packaging, match up with the way of communication.

(4) age of 14 years old, the group has become the main decision-makers of the family, not only in the performance of their own consumption has the right to decide on household consumption, such as home appliances, computers, consumer goods consumption has the right to decide. Mainly because they accept the information fast, wide knowledge. Consumption tends to be rational, like fashion, the pursuit of freedom.

how to open a children’s school store? Thus, parents in the family to buy the role in the decision-making process of the decision is not absolute, the children’s market is not a single, it is so, only to understand children’s characteristics and consumer behavior, enterprise and advertisers to develop and maintain the children’s market. Domestic children’s clothing, only to seize the children’s curiosity, imitation, convergence and other psychological, stereotyped "happy children" face >

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