How to hook the restaurant operators heart

opened a restaurant, the next thing to do is to attract diners, gathered high popularity, if you can seize the hearts of customers, then the operation will be a lot easier, then what are the effective methods?


had this experiment, according to the "Vasily Kandinsky and the law of contrast sofa salad?" the abstract painting to create the wobble, people are more willing to pay a higher price for pastiche salad, also think this dish than the other made of the same material delicious salad.

and set the same important and equipment collocation. Large area space vessel is on leave in order to focus on visual focus and imagination; slightly curved plate to let people have a sense of security, vivid and inclusive; the black plate so that the bright salmon is pure and elegant, let be the original rough beef; and French bread and cheese than collocation than wooden, simple and plain with the hand, Japanese Zen has breath; and a sense of ritual, is a prominent food aesthetic choice.


food processing rough, smooth and soft and hard or hot and cold will greatly affect people’s feeling of things, but when it comes to hand and body sense of smell taste, holding a knife and fork or expensive except gold and silver crystal cup, people rarely think what particular influence on tactile taste.

however some scientists said: "when the hand holding the velvet and sandpaper to eat ice cream, ice cream on the tongue smooth degree of feeling will be affected, when touch velvet will feel more sweet ice cream.


and noisy environment will affect the dining experience, the most extreme example is on the plane, and the air pressure is not changed, the noise is greatly influenced the human perception of food. Department of food science, Cornell University

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