Lipstick ten brands list

is in order to make improvement or better, or in order to bring their own makeup, doubt is a kind of preferences, in short, lipstick in the current market is really loved by more and more people, the market is too many to count the birth of the brand. The following, let Xiaobian Secret Lipstick ten brands list, so as to give you the choice to make a better reference.

lipstick ten brands list NO.1, Maybelline Maybelline in 1917: the United States, L’OREAL group’s brands, world-renowned international cosmetics brand, the world’s top cosmetics, L’OREAL (Chinese) Co. ltd..

lipstick ten brand rankings, Dior NO.2 Dior: in 1947 France, on behalf of the noble and elegant life style of the essence of the brand, the world famous brand, Kristin Dior commercial (Shanghai) Co. ltd..

lipstick ten brands list NO.3, Lancome LANCOME: in 1935, L’OREAL group’s brand, the world’s leading cosmetics brand, the French national treasure cosmetics brand, L’OREAL (China) Co., ltd..

lipstick ten brands list NO.4, Chanel CHANEL: France in 1913, the world’s top brands, the world’s leading luxury brands, cosmetics industry famous brand, the French Chanel (CHANEL) company.

lipstick ten brands list NO.5, Estee Lauder: EsteeLauder, in 1946 the United States, the world’s largest skin care cosmetics and perfume company, one of the world’s brand, Estee Lauder (Shanghai) Trade Co., ltd..

lipstick ten brands list NO.6, M.A.C M.A.C: Estee Lauder’s, the most influential makeup brand, one of the world’s largest cosmetics and perfume company, Estee Lauder (Shanghai) Trading Co., ltd..

lipstick ten brand rankings, L’OREAL NO.7 Paris: in 1907 France, one of the world’s largest cosmetics company, world famous brand, the world cosmetics industry leader, L’OREAL (China) Co. ltd..

lipstick ten brands list NO.8, Anna Sui AnnaSui: founded in 1980 in the US, with an excellent fashion sense and color cosmetics industry all over the world, leading brand of fashion design, the Anna Sui company (Anna Sui).

lipstick ten brands list NO.9, Guerlain Guerlain: founded in 1828, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of beauty and skin care products, the perfume of the emperor of Paris

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