nnovation and entrepreneurship Club invites college students to drink coffee

college students lack of experience, with a good entrepreneurial environment and good business policy, but also the need for expert guidance, entrepreneurship education, to improve the quality of entrepreneurship.

the provincial education department director Liu Chuantie introduction, the college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship club with the public nature, where students salon, week activities, on a theme. The club is open every day to provide a platform for college students to communicate with entrepreneurs. At the same time, hired well-known entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars, business mentor, financial investment managers and government departments responsible person etc. "tutor" experts bank, free to provide guidance for entrepreneurial students.

"club will often carry out activities to promote college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere, project incubation and conversion." College graduates employment guidance service center director Ding Xuefeng said, the center is still under construction "Internet plus Hubei province college students’ Employment Service cloud platform, service of University students.

A affinity distance of the entrepreneurial guidance, can let the students experience zero entrepreneurs to learn more knowledge of society, it is learned in the textbook, entrepreneurship education is done well, "in order to better promote public entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurship policy.


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