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Chinese fast-food business projects, not only delicious Chinese food project as well as the unique taste of the snack business projects, weijiade fast food as a professional cold noodle catering enterprises, the latest development direction that the catering industry, creating a precedent for the delicious cold noodle. Wei Jia Dutch headquarter years of continuous cold noodle test and research, as the staple food and cooking with cold noodle ingredients, making healthy delicacy capture everyone’s heart. The following small for everyone. Wei cold noodle recruitment information, love friends rushed into it! You can also go to the Weis official website to understand more details of cold noodle.

Wei cold noodle with recruitment what are the requirements?

Wei cold noodle recruitment

store location requirements:

1, the proposed location in the commercial pedestrian street, shopping malls, subway entrances and exits, the business circle, the campus (with a university priority);

2, the location of the shop has been opened from the radius of a straight line 500 meters (business district to protect the specific requirements in accordance with the headquarters policy in real time).

shop standard requirements:

1, practical area of 10-50 square meters, with independent access, drainage function, power > 20 kW;

2, a large area of more than 50 square meters of the flagship store image, the company needs to field visits and approval of the company before joining.

partner requirements:

1, 20 years of age with lofty ideals;

2, [] the identity weijiade cold noodle brand idea;

3, pay attention to the quality of the tea lovers;

4, a strong entrepreneurial passion and ambition;

5, there is sufficient investment in the development of funding sources, is willing to devote all of their own and -time management.

investment weijiade cold noodle to join the brand, headquartered in rich product line at the same time for the franchisee also continues to increase support for efforts to protect investors worry that in the course of business and labor, no menace from the rear. Wei Jia cold noodle franchise headquarters as well as many years of rich experience in the market allow the franchisee to easily copy, start on the road to avoid detours, get rich quick.

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