Most people can make money


is the arrival of 2012, but people also want their career into a higher level, how to turn piece, for entrepreneurs in terms of money, who is the best to make money?

2, earn lazy money

for convenience, it is a demand for people in the fill in the nature, it is also convenient for human’s endless pursuit, to promote science and technology and social progress. Do not you see, someone to wash clothes as a chore, have a washing machine, drying machine, drying machine; there are people too will have trouble cooking, rice cooker; people don’t bother to go to on the aperture and speed. It is a "fool" camera.

3, earn money for the elderly

4, the couple earn money

the new initiatives to attract a lot of people, especially young men and women, the moon is always people in the romantic fantasy, and lovers walking at night, if you can hold your lover’s hand, see the distant moon "details", is really an unforgettable enjoyment. It is estimated that the rental of the middle-aged man, a night to earn 120 yuan.

5, earn money,

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