Matters needing attention on office supplies

said the office supplies, this is a project that people work closely, has become a fixed industry, many of the recent data are realistic, small commodity market, huge market potential, office supplies contained should not be underestimated, the development of office supplies franchise has become as the most investment prospects of the industry project, so office franchising activities also pay attention to some of what problem? Look at the following analysis:

office supplies franchise note one, determine the appropriate franchise model

different total franchisor has different history, resources and advantages, in the face of the development of the region, need to extract the successful experience, establish a stable and easy to copy the business model.

is currently operating office supplies franchise brands, "" all is developed from Shenzhen brand, is chairman of a hand has been expanded from a small shop to a provincial well-known brands, should summarize the rich of their success and failure experience, and into the franchise mode. Office partner is the industry alliance started, there is a wealth of network resources, two distribution center model is a creation, whether it is conducive to the expansion of the franchise? How to play a cohesive force, in line with the hearts of all recognized the need for a franchise model wisdom. Erwin office has an internationally renowned brand background, but how to use the strength of China’s powerful investors from the market and suppliers to seek greater benefits? "Erwin office" foreign warehouse store is very successful in China how to inherit and develop it? Brand localization is the key to integration.

office supplies franchise note two, the development of practical and feasible development plan

can not be denied: Erwin office in the increase of market competition, but also to promote the development and improvement of the domestic office supplies market, the ultimate benefit will be the vast number of consumers. "Erwin office" to join the requirements are quite strict, they value the professional quality of the franchisee, have a certain customer resources and the development of the ability of customers to join the preferred. From March 2003 officially launched since joining, has developed two regions and seven franchise stores, basically in accordance with the monthly open a development of a steady speed. 2004 will accelerate the pace, and the development of East china.

office supplies franchise is not a pure service franchise or product class franchise, easy to copy around. Must be combined with the market environment, the ability to support suppliers, logistics and other factors.

is taken from the development of a class of the city down to promote, or in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region as the center of expansion, or from a logistics transportation route; a regional franchise, or in a single shop to join.

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