How great is the opportunity to purify the air

with the gradual development of economy, the increasing popularity of private cars, as well as the further development of modernization construction, air pollution, vehicle air pollution has become increasingly serious, has become the third major environmental problems following the air pollution, water pollution plagued people in modern cities. Specializing in the R & D, manufacturing, sales and import and export trade of air purification products, providing the most reliable and the most economical and efficient air purification solutions in the world. Solar car air purifier, household air purifiers and other air purification products gradually sell well.


1 Solar Technology: direct sunlight into electrical energy, cleaner, environmental protection and energy saving; two sets of power supply system more convenient.

3 green technology: HEPA high efficiency air filters you enjoy clean air for medical, health and environmental protection.

4 negative oxygen ion technology: 10 million oxygen ions vitamin, promote The new supersedes the old. improve human immunity.

: Classic dust filter, dust and harmful substances in the air adsorption;

sterilization: kill all kinds of respiratory infection, prevent infection;

add oxygen: brain refreshing, respiratory;

release negative ions: reduce fatigue, enhance the immune

The overall market size of China

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