To understand the special psychological business customers buy more prosperous

a lot of friends have the intention to open a clothing store, but always not at the end, that the customer needs is not very understanding, afraid of their own bad. Open clothing store, to understand the special psychology of customers to buy, so as to be able to understand what customers really want, business will be more prosperous. What are the special psychology of customers? Let’s take a look.

1, panic psychology

2, purchased psychological

in the retail terminal goods often discounted, promotional sale today, when our new listing price of the sale, the customer will only watch and wait, not to buy, customers will ask what time discount? Customers wait for promotions. Shopping guide language how to explain to the customer immediately buy confidence, or create a new positive price of the atmosphere.

3, conformity psychology

4, antagonistic psychology

5, preferred psychological

6, irritable psychology

7, curious psychology

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