Network transmission Alibaba or the full acquisition of sina

recently said that Alibaba Group intends to acquire Sina, Sina has begun to integrate internal aspects and to stop some of the recruitment. If the merger is successful, Alibaba or will build China’s largest Internet giant.

According to the

of course, in fact, Ali buy Sohu more cost-effective, less than $2 billion worth, and the Sohu also holds a stake in Sogou, swim. However, Sohu and Sina are very different, but is still in control of the founder Zhang Zhaoyang, he did not want to sell it all in vain."

but from other sources that sina is still in the recruitment department, a full cessation of the recruitment of this statement is not appropriate. At the same time, business integration and optimization is carried out at any time, and whether the prostitute Ali might have no direct contact.

up to now Sina did not respond. However, it is worth noting that in recent years the investment Ali also strengthen the media layout, from the beginning of 2013, Sina shares of micro-blog, Alibaba have invested in technology media, 36 krypton tiger sniffing the first financial and financial media etc..

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