The mystery of the world the mystery of the Bermuda

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, the mystery of the world, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is of concern, but recently seems to have made new progress, scientists have found new, Bermuda mystery or to hear such information is not very exciting? Let’s look at it!

the Bermuda Triangle Mystery or unlock. Bermuda Triangle since ancient times, the spread of a number of missing ships, mysterious phenomenon has not been answered. Now scientists have found a huge hole in the bottom waters of Bermuda, they think it can for the region’s ships mysterious disappearance make feasible explanation of the details will be in next month’s European Geosciences Union announced the annual meeting.

the Bermuda Triangle, is located in the Bermuda in the the Atlantic, Puerto Rico and Florida three points formed a triangle area. There are some supernatural phenomena.

1918, the United States Navy ship "Cook Ropes" together with 306 people aboard the ship disappeared, which is the U.S. Navy’s largest single event in the event of non wartime personnel.

1945, 6 U.S. bombers missing in the Bermuda Triangle, the search and rescue team also disappeared. Before missing, a pilot has reported that "everything has become so strange, even the sea is also".

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for all kinds of mysterious phenomenon, researchers at the University of Tromso in Norway to give a new explanation. Recently, the Barents Sea in the Bermuda Triangle near the researchers found a giant pit, the giant pit width of over 800 meters, a depth of about 46 meters.

undersea reef, hurricane seas, combustible ice vaporization…… The mystery of this sea Public opinions are divergent. why paranormal phenomena are difficult to explain? Explain all kinds of, including geomagnetic anomaly, ocean ocean eddies, empty, combustible ice and so on, but these are only the hypothesis. The American National Geographic has produced a documentary, "the Bermuda Triangle", trying to explain the scientific truth behind the unthinkable.

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