High temperature allowance is not just on paper

short cool after the autumn tiger angry again, high temperature season, a lot of people in outdoor work pain, fortunately there are high temperature allowance as comfort. However, many companies now for the high temperature allowance is only on paper, wait until the implementation of the real life, but let employees unhappy.

is already the beginning of autumn, high temperature heat is intolerable, recently, all users who are in the high temperature drying their welfare, there is a company in Wuhan, with 15 per pack of mung bean instead of high temperature allowance, attracted Tucao employees. There are companies issued coke, hair soap, watermelon, is not issued according to the provisions of high temperature.

"sunstroke prevention measures of management measures" clearly stipulates that enterprises can not use mung bean soup, drink tea, sugar and the like instead of high subsidies, these enterprises for illegal behavior, workers can reflect the labor department to apply for labor arbitration.

is early, but many local policy landing is not ideal, but many employees of this right is muddleheaded, not to advocate for more, not because of failing to get high subsidies and dare to challenge the boss.

recently, a song called "the feeling of being hollowed out," the chorus of the song burst red network, the reason is that it is a network of red collar endless overtime helpless. Fast paced, high pressure, often become the norm of many white-collar workers, but also become a social pain points. For employers, how to work for employees to bring a sense of respect, a sense of achievement, sense of happiness, so as to stimulate the people’s initiative, innovation, development than the deduction of them a little high fees and squeezing them a little free time is more conducive to the cause of.

even in accordance with national standards, the issuance of high temperature allowance is not a big expense, because after all, limited time. However, many companies are now considered cheap and lost the hearts of employees, so for the long-term development of the enterprise will be very detrimental.

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