n response to the elderly supplies shop off-season weapon

a lot of shops are selling in the short season, every day after the hot profit of a few shops. In the hot summer, the elderly supplies store sales slump, began to enter the off-season, a lot of worry about the franchisee. How to deal with the off-season in the elderly supplies? Here the content can join the fulcrum for business.

summer old shop found the reason of decline in performance. As in the older age groups, in the body of the function is relatively active, but suffering from hypertension, diabetes and other elderly outdoor activities, higher temperatures may lead to their relapse, there is high temperature and hot environment resulting in elderly people do not want to go out. In summer, the air is dry, the middle and old people’s diet is based on the high water content of the fruits, and the conventional health food in the middle and old age is mainly based on the grains, so the consumption of the health food is decreased.

according to the elderly population living habits to find countermeasures. In summer daytime high temperatures, low temperature sooner or later, most of the elderly to choose the morning and evening out, according to the characteristics, in the elderly supplies store business time adjustments should be targeted, as far as possible will shop time to adjust to the elderly to buy food or go out morning exercises this time.

high in the daytime temperatures, is not how to get customers into the store customers, has become the key, first store environment to be suitable for the customer to buy goods, increase the green plants in the store to store environment is more relaxed, the curtain in the shop door on the air temperature, the temperature of the human body to appropriate, so you can put the customer in the store.

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