Wuhu City, the first female entrepreneurship contest contest ended

with double activity gradually, female exclusive business platform and business competition have been released. Recently, Wuhu’s first female entrepreneurship contest preliminary results announced, witnessed the female Huishang international hit off strength.


during the contest, 2749 people from Wuhu County, a total of 25 colleges and universities participated in the training sessions, a total of 1049 people registered to participate in the electricity supplier and the micro business, online sales of a total of 63 people, the total sales of 323241.4 yuan, the total sales of 5065, another Jinghu district sales hit off a Chery eQ new energy vehicles, because of not within the prescribed deadline will be Car Buying models into account but not included in the competition results, and there is a car payment. According to the total sales and total sales volume calculation, preliminary champion from Wuhu County Liu Lang Zhen Yang Xintao hit off, her sales performance is: 1586 sales, sales of 154509.1 yuan.

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