Hubei bus driver plan to recruit laid-off workers to start their own business

a lot of laid-off workers, laid-off workers face a lot of pressure on life. However, re employment, but also repeatedly frustrated, older units are also not into the. Hubei car driver business plan to recruit, for a number of laid-off workers ushered in the cause of the second spring.

46 year old Zhang Jianguo is a laid-off workers in Wuhan Iron and steel, daughter is still on the University, the family needs to support the elderly, in the face of the sudden "laid-off tide", let him at a loss, all of a sudden. I am just an ordinary steel workers, no technology, no academic qualifications, age is also big, went to a few job fairs, did not find a suitable job."

is Zhang Jianguo can not find a direction in life, he learned from a friend about Hubei automobile service company launched a business plan that set his heart: just a month to pay fixed rent, we will have a new car operation qualification, after three years, cars are owned by the driver. And this business plan of the driver is not high, just driving in more than a year, and the monthly run over a certain amount in train or car platform orders.

Zhang Jianguo told reporters, and ordinary taxi drivers are not the same, the network about cars, work time is completely dominated by themselves, and does not require any collateral or cost per month rent only more than 3 thousand, down about 100 yuan a day. Now run a little harder every month, you can earn ten thousand, the family’s economic environment has been pretty big improvement." Zhang Jianguo regrets, did not expect laid-off workers can also venture, and almost no threshold, which he did not dare to think. Now I have to recommend this business plan to my old colleagues, so that more laid-off workers re employment."

life continues, the daily cost of living is inevitable. Although laid-off workers, or only rely on their own a pair of industrious hands, actively looking for the right position, in order to reduce the economic pressure for themselves and their families.

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