Hou Shuyuan entrepreneurs to sell outdoor bikes harvest

when the rest of the time a lot of people will be about 35 friends ride together, go to the outdoor sports, outdoor sports equipment, so the industry also has been good, there is a female student graduate students also feel that this market is very good on the start of the outdoor bicycle business, self employment selling outdoor bicycle.

hobby change career to fill the market gap

spring, blooming Bougainvillea Paman the entrance of the iron fence in front of the blue wall of the villa is more beautiful. Hanging on the fence on a bike and a wooden sign to remind passers-by, here is the home of the rider.

is so beautiful, but it was like a haunted house." Hou Shuyuan smiled mischievously. She opened the computer photos, see here was a half a villa, even the doors are not enough, there is one high weeds will house surrounded by building garbage all over the floor.

change, start a ride.

near stream Mi dense stone, distant mountains reflect sparse wood. This is the first impression of the 80 girls Hou Shuyuan to Hainan. January 2013, after second days of postgraduate entrance examination, Hou Shuyuan decided to ride around the island of Hainan to celebrate the end of the exam. Although only once before riding around Lanzhou, but she is still confident that she can complete a ride in Hainan. I did not expect that this time to ride a completely changed her life, so she became a sister from Hainan.

"boy, I rent a bike." So far, she still clearly remember a beautiful bike rental shop in Haikou, a bike rental shop scene, when the bike shop owner called Chen Qicheng, when everyone called him "bugs"".

hospitable insects to see Hou Shuyuan, constantly recommended to her riding line, and to remind the ride process need to pay attention to matters. When she learned that she was riding alone to Hainan, decided to free as a guide to accompany her to ride to Sanya.

native bug is Hainan, Wanning, very familiar with the line, riding the process of care about her, and her appreciation of beauty, taste food. The ride, Hou Shuyuan deeply in love with the worm, the two friends from the ride into a lover, until later became husband and wife.

‘bug’, we can build a post it!" After riding for the first time, she told the idea of opening the station". It turned out that in the riding process, she found fewer riding, plus no place to rest, resulting in the ride is not very satisfactory. And she feels the same, there are many riding friends.

after investigation, Hou Shuyuan found that each year in December to the following year in March, about 30 thousand domestic bicycle love

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