Web user experience what kind of login box is good

login box has existed for a long time, the user is bound to come into contact with every day, for us is a legalistic control, the two box with buttons, if suddenly catch a designer asked "do you think the login box what can be improved", the answer should be the long time of silence, of course including me. "Rather than a forward, don’t stop thinking in a", this is the master in the boxing theory, but also how to get the truth, think to be somewhat as a thought between high has been reflected in the Internet, application and service should be more profound.

pulled back to the theme, to solve any of the following problems are outstanding login login box I think the box (think of outstanding styles, reference text last part):

1. input efficiency issues, at this stage most users login requires users to use traditional keyboard for input, there is a problem involved – keystroke efficiency, or input efficiency. There are many ways to solve input efficiency, such as

uses a unified account, and many Internet services allow the use of OpenID, Sina, Tencent, Facebook, and twitter… And so on, like knowing that you’re allowed to log in using Sina’s micro-blog account, this reduces the user’s input costs when registering or logging in.

remember the user name and password, so that users can avoid the next input, but users empty the cookie or security level, demanding Internet service is tragic.

give the user help, examples in the input process: Sina micro-blog mailbox as the login name (Figure 1), the user input in the @, there will be a common input, input the suffix to the mailbox that auxiliary input.


diagram 1

in addition, there are some details, such as, in the end user input username or password, re focus switch back to the user name or password input box, select the content should be input or input focus is inputted word back? Username and password is correct, should be how to deal with only the validation code error under the condition of


solution: the use of OpenID, or make your account become OpenID (this is nonsense for domestic Giants), allowing the user to remember the account and password (default to hook), giving the user input, the user input remember history (can not remember the password) and displayed in the appropriate trigger condition under the. PS. is only part of the area, but also requires the Web and mobile terminals.

2. input mode, the input user name, the user is able to clear himself in Chinese mode or English mode? When you enter the password, can clear Caps Lock in which the state input mode? So far has been a hate problem, or you feel, think in the input.

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