Some thoughts of webmaster meeting

webmaster Conference opened two days, today on the hair behind a little bit of feeling (starting off behind schedule, with the hair network)

4.19, 7 in the morning, brush my teeth, crowded bus 632 road to the Hotel Nikko on the road, I think, and I have the same, crowded bus to attend the stationmaster Congress? I do not have to stand for several months, before the garbage station do a few, then sent to hold cash still, out looking for a job. But has been very interested in this site, every day in the pouring irrigation, and pay attention to the webmaster, anyway, I think I will do another station, for interest, but also to do it. Armed with this belief, I went to the next station meeting on Saturday.

webmaster conference held very successful, anyway, I think so, in short, stressed that there are the following points, I do not know, summed up, right?

first: have faith and persevere. Sooner or later. A good aim will lead to success.

second: the whole meeting is talking about the community. The community is the future. I’m not very interested in the community, but I think the community is really a promising place to grow.

third: website to do small, fine, deep. From the local, industry, station do.

fourth: no garbage station. Garbage stations are only concerned about the flow. That’s important. Garbage can’t make a lot of money. It’s good to be able to support yourself (and tired)

fifth: Wangzhuan Trilogy – "advertising alliance" to do their own products – direct advertising. The primary stage is the advertising alliance. The development of the latter depends on the products, which can be seen from this. Industry stations and local stations are promising. You can do the following two garbage station flow can only meet the first way to make money.

came back, thought for two days, found that before doing the station is really wrong direction, previously only concerned about traffic. 10000, garbage entertainment flow can not change a few money. Thinking, intend to do the station again. Plan to be an industry, community, station, or future.

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