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was making a total revision of the printed image, including the front page, list page, detail page, theme page and so on. The whole project lasted a long time. Some time ago, the new version of the printed image sent home by the line, draft design finalized by the late onion classmates, I follow the optimization, now just like India to send home to do a review of the design as a starting point.

NetEase (NetEase) is a personalized product and service platform launched by NetEase. It can print all kinds of digital products on the internet. As India as sending business continues to expand, a few years ago designed home either in the interaction or vision have been unable to meet current business needs, so the first revision is a sooner or later on the agenda.


home page revision is a longer, more participants in the project, so there must be a clear and effective process of the project.

project flow:

1. project approval

product manager write product plan, determine the market demand of the products and functional requirements, and related department heads to discuss the requirements, then called interactive, visual, front-end development, project related personnel to determine the task time.

2. uses research and interaction

user researcher, based on data in the past two or two years, redefines the target user group and refines the product concept. Interactively prototype the product according to requirements.

3. visual design

visual designers participate in the project meeting early, understand the requirements, according to product prototype and product function plan for visual design. Visual design plays an important role in the whole project. It is necessary to communicate the product requirements with the product leader, and to communicate the details of the page to the front and rear end engineers.

4. developing

After the visual review at the

visual review meeting, follow up to the development stage. In the whole project in this part of the most time-consuming, so the visual release in the delivery of development before you do the marking and cutting, so as not to delay the development of.


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