Vigny from deep to shallow, thoroughly understand how to write the soft text

The word "

" after listening to the soft we are not unfamiliar, especially some do network promotion colleagues, is not familiar with the familiar, though familiar, but there are a lot of friends will think how to write soft text? Is to start to write from where? In fact, I feel the time to write a soft wen you are not going to, how to make the content continue, but the hand heart to appreciate the experience and some skills to share it, to be honest, when people share some skills and methods when they are very happy, I know this, because I often write soft Wen, in the soft I continue to sum up, then continue to learn, so in my opinion, not only for my promotion, more is to improve yourself and sit, I suggest do network promotion friends choose to use the soft method to do, This exercise is not just writing, have not only the high quality of the chain, but also learn their recently learned, some friends asked me how to write soft text specific, impossible to be honest and just write it, what are the specific effect of the soft self was not very clear, so I share with you some soft, what are the advantages and some methods of how to write text, the hope can help to you, in the soft before, I want to say is, anyway, as long as the intention to write, you are very high quality soft wen.

, where is the advantage of soft text,


told us in how to write text, first we need to know is the soft principle, so that when you understand the principle of the role of the soft in to learn how to write soft words, that will be very relaxed, so that to learn a technology first to understand the principles of this technique, the principle of the foundation well, all things will cut the crap here smoothly done or easily solved, write soft benefits to us:

1, high quality external chain

write soft Wen is obtained high quality of the chain, we all know this, but if the soft was reproduced words, so the chain will you add one, so this is very good, but to get the high quality of the chain is the first to let you in the original soft Wen the front page of the site footing, then reproduced who is very much, usually the original website will have a top post ranking, if the top posts much, then you are on the homepage of the time, so many people will reprint.

2, pull snapshot

has a lot of friends have asked me why my website ranking not before, actually this question is because the search engine snapshot not update, so this time you need to guide the spider crawling to your site, so the best way is to write the soft soft Wen, when your attention is high, then the search engine you will put the soft internal articles included with the weight increase, will increase in the weight of the internal URLs and keywords of your article, so a snapshot is cannot do without the soft, but some friends still don’t finish the soft snapshot update, so to see you soft >

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