The website rank floats not before, compared to competitor what to lack in the end

has a lot of new friends asked Chen these days, why website ranking dropped? Why are people ahead of the counter attack it? Of course, and the content of your website, the chain and the user experience of a great relationship, however, this new Chen think, also need to study a competitor’s site, do: no I have, I have excellent people, the only way to your site to really do it; so compare your competitors, what your website lacks


a, check the domain name, age and site history – external factors

sometimes, the weight of domain name decides the ranking ability of a lot of websites. For example, a friend of the website for 2 years, adhere to the original update every day, but always ranked in 5 floating, about 6, had never been to the top three; this is why? His website is not good, no site has done very well, the optimization has been achieved very good effect however, is not to the new rankings; Chen looked at his rival site, domain name age is actually more than 10 years old this undoubtedly shows that the domain name!, this keyword optimization difficulty, because the other side is an old domain name, will undoubtedly increase the weight of the website optimization, even better than you that ranking is also very likely in front of you.

so many of my friends have started looking for the old domain, because the new Chen said ah, the old domain is very good, do not spend also ranked good; however, the time domain name registration, especially have a good domain name, must stay in mind, why such a good domain name has not been registered? So you have to check the web site history, see before the domain name is pulled into the blacklist, the snapshot archives show is what the website? Only in this way, only to the value of the investment! Of course, if you do flow station, do not consider this.


two, compared to the site optimization efforts, where is the difference – internal factors

if the domain name is about the same age, but your website ranking still can not go up, that can only from the website itself optimization to find the problem. Sometimes, competitors in front of the site just rely on the chain to do. For example, some of the chain anchor text, Links, forum, blog and other low quality support ranking, such competition is still very easy to beat, because the new Chen think these chain can only serve as an auxiliary tool, and not for long to say. So you need to look at the main points of your web site:

1, is the website column layout reasonable?

2, is the site link structure clear and reasonable?

3, the website page is illustrated, there is substance,

4, the web page contains the target keywords, keywords are piled up,


generally speaking, the two websites of friends and enemies can distinguish the gap from the above points

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