We need patience to operate the website


on the Internet greatly small website innumerable, in the same industry competition is also very much, in this case, we still have a chance to do personal Adsense? Whether can website also talent shows itself from the mass is very worthy of our attention, many types of choose a site is very important, most of the time, the more need their own efforts.

in many webmaster eyes, website operation is a very complicated and impetuous thing, in my opinion, the website operation is a simple and lasting work, it is simple to follow certain rules, as the saying goes, a simple things repeat, will not be easy for me. For the website operation is a simple things repeat work, we need to operate the webmaster simple lasting patient do.

for website operation, you can start from two aspects, one is SEO, there is a UEO. For the webmaster, the general will pay special attention to SEO, very few webmaster pay attention to ueo (ueo, that is, user experience optimization). But if you do website operation, then must pay attention to ueo, think inside website operation, consider is long-term benefit, the website benefit can not be separated from the user, and the user’s viscosity is a very important sign.

for the website the operations director, in fact, with the extra time with the same webmaster, needs a good vision and operation technology, the implementation of specific work, that is to write high quality original articles and high quality of the chain, the two work is the webmaster and operation director to do, but the difference is a webmaster is a do it yourself, and director of operations are arranged specifically to do, so that the owners are always living in the bottom, not to become masters of an era, the best result is to be bought, just like HAO123’s fate.

Whether you are Adsense or

operations engineer, it is necessary that the quality of care and patience, do some operations cannot do without data, a large amount of data analysis and Statistical Science, and according to the data obtained the operational direction of the next step, this point cannot do without careful meticulous work. In addition when doing the operation, also want to change every day observation sites and search engines, always keep a clear mind, must not for a moment of victory and the ranking of earnings, careless, up to the market and the analysis of the internet. The last point is observing peers. When analyzing the peers, we need more detailed analysis, analysis of each code and each chain, the more detailed analysis of the opponent, the more chance to go beyond the opponent, don’t forget, you don’t analyze the opponents, does not mean that your opponent doesn’t analyze you, so you have to walk more than some opponents quickly. The operation itself is a very meticulous work, from the moment you do the operation, you will have to realize your future work state. Finally, I wish you all in the operation of the site, the user a lot of traffic up and up,


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