Portals have now fallen to the point of selling meat Show lower limit, no bottom line to lure net fr

days ago, the national Internet Information Office (Network Information Office) the person in charge of the business bureau and the Beijing Internet Information Office, recently received a large number of Internet users to report violations of the law, the prominent Sina company responsible for the joint interviews. Net letter office official pointed out that since 2015, the Internet Illegal and bad information reporting center received reports involving Sina 6038, April only 8 days ago amounted to 1227, ranking first in major websites. The report focused on spreading rumors, the fear of violence, pornography, fraud, and other illegal cult information and distort the facts, contrary to social morality, speculation vulgar vulgar information etc..


reported that, in the first quarter of this year, due to Internet users focus on reporting, Sina has been listed on the list, repeatedly asked to delete pornographic links, according to law to deal with pornography, vulgar information, network rumors instant messaging account.

, in addition to Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Baidu, and news, online and other websites responsible person, but also by the national and local network letter office focus on "attention", and interviews.

it is worth noting that these sites is clearly not a "". Just a few days ago, the national anti vice Office informed the "net net 2015" case of the latest progress, including NetEase cloud reading due to yellow problems, fined 850 thousand yuan. In addition, Baidu mobile client novels column is also suspected of disseminating pornographic information.

let people be struck dumb reality is that open Sina, NetEase and other portals, everywhere with a "monster", "worm" and "flesh" and "naked" words and pictures, eyes, disgusting. What is more, blatantly pornographic content as a web site to attract users magic weapon. Worryingly, Sina, NetEase as the largest and most well-known portal website, the blatant dissemination of pornographic information, causing adverse effects not only in the ordinary users, causing more serious damage to the general physical and mental health of minors. It is also because of this, the community especially parents and teachers are deeply dissatisfied with the relevant departments to again and again shot remediation.

once upon a time, Sina, NetEase almost synonymous with China’s Internet innovation, but now reduced to selling "meat" to make money, it is really sad. And behind it, portal survival is increasingly difficult.

with the popularity of mobile terminals, the emergence of new media such as social networking sites and WeChat, the Internet’s early information portal has encountered great challenges. The channels for users to acquire information are becoming increasingly diverse. Not only that, the way of information publishing is becoming more and more abundant. Every ordinary person is the communicator of information, and the new platform, such as WeChat, is the birthplace of the most timely information. By contrast, the traditional portal gradually loses its advantage in the timeliness of information, which brings a large number of user groups. The so-called "house leakage", even night rain, manufacturers advertising has gradually tilted to the new media, leading to a sharp decline in traditional portal revenue. >

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