Talking about the role of soft text marketing in website publicity

network fire marketing methods: such as mail marketing, forum marketing, blog marketing and so on, the effect has been greater than before, so now the popular search engine marketing and marketing. The two marketing network marketing method is more useful, today will focus on marketing, but also because marketing is conducive to search engine marketing, so today is a combination of these two marketing means to share my personal views.

search engine marketing, estimated that we all know, is the keyword ranking or bidding, in the search engines, they search for relevant keywords, such as: Pearl, your site in the search engine home page. Some are natural rankings, and some are made for the actual price. Anyway, the result is on the front page. In this way, you will be more likely to be found, and more opportunities to be traded.

soft Wen marketing, estimate most people understand, but may also someone is not clear, today I simply talk about what is soft, marketing and soft marketing what are the benefits?.

sure is soft, as the name suggests, the article, by writing an article directly or indirectly to advertise your product or web site, as for how to write it? That is the question skills, anyway, whether it is from the front or side, the final purpose is to promote you. For example, my website:, I sell pearls, I would like to write soft words, must be around the theme of the Pearl to write. Whether from the buyer’s point of view or my point of view, soft Wen, must let a person feel he is advertising, let a person see, really good, helpful. For example, I wrote an article about how to distinguish between pearls and true pearls. Then the appropriate mention of my site, so want to know about the knowledge in this area very helpful, he read your article, just know how to distinguish pearls, but also to understand the true pearl, there must be a plan to buy Pearls, or he not to know, so if the articles are well written and properly guide the visitors to your website to the consumer. I believe you spend a lot of money to do advertising, really, because now people can say that advertising has rebellious psychology, a look is advertising, not to click. Of course, if you have more money, the necessary advertising is to do, but we talk today is the theme of soft marketing.

anyway, the purpose of soft Wen is to advertise yourself. As for what method to write, what kind of article, each according to their own circumstances. At present, the more successful, such as:

360 security guard

believes that people who regularly surf the web are already familiar with it. The Trojan horse as the main function, relying on soft text speculation as the main way of marketing software, now among the largest security software in China ranks. However, this is only a prelude. Some time ago, 360 again launched free antivirus software, but also to more aggressive soft Wen offensive, overwhelming newspaper, network soft text release.

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