The effect of mass information gathering in forum

recently doing this negative information deletion example is a client’s Web site, due to the special factors of the target site, can not be successfully removed. So the wolf is determined using the SEO method to suppress, to suppress the negative information. As it relates to the name of the client company, it is not announced.

When the wolf

is expected to be 7 days time can be suppressed, the real down time is today, January 25, 2010. And the real beginning was January 17, 2010. After 9 days, and my estimate is still a little deviation, but for the first time this type is expected to be only two days off, but also very pleased. Well, nonsense not say, the main purpose of this paper is to have a response group of friends, everyone wants to know the mass information forum can get what kind of effect, including the advantages and disadvantages, after he personally experienced the process, but also to share about operation and some effect. The results include the reflection of Baidu and GG, and the attitudes of the major forum platforms towards this article.

to talk about some work for the wolf do before operation. I was able to maximize the effect of the information released, but also prepared a lot of articles, about 10~15 articles. And to the article made some simple optimization, such as bold, keyword density adjustment, Title Optimization, and so on. After doing this, probably look the target keyword search results pages, in addition to the information to be suppressed, other threats are not large, so do these simple article optimization should also be enough. Then use a forum mass tool, tools name will not be announced, so as not to have suspected advertising. When you’re ready, start releasing information.

the contents of the text, and no link, if it is to take the link, does not recommend sending coyotes.

information release is probably around 50~100 per day. The page was almost second nights away, leaving the first page, second pages in fifth days, while the last page took 4 days, until the time of the article. Baidu and the GG keyword search results page before page three, almost all his masterpiece. And Baidu and GG seems to be because the group is too short time, did not make a more obvious response.

has had a bigger impact since it was released. About 60% of the content on the search results page is clicked without content. Basically, it was deleted by the moderators of the forum, but some of them are normal. This depends on the choice of your forum, if you choose not to be deleted, and can still be included, or can still be included after ranking. I believe that the effect of such a mass forum will be more than doubled.

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