lit a cigarette that didn’t want to order

ear alarm clock ticking like a copy of the Manchurian catalpa sound echoed in my ear……..

I picked up a point is not to smoke, because this day to normal people live today because I get up early, also in the afternoon to go out, is really a rare weekend lifestyle, want to continue a normal life habit, sleep a little earlier, but when the time slowly flowing to 12 o’clock, the impact force between intangible a habit of telling me, this is my show time, now is not suitable for sleep. Suddenly I was very conscious of the sit to begin drafting this article you are looking at in front of the computer.

has been under pressure from forums, business models and new directions, popularity, etc. of course, I’ve come up with a perfect plan to convince myself. Take some time to share here.

solves several problems first.

1., the so many PHP Forum on the market, on the scale of the popular, we are far handsome, in a few large forums later, what we will survive in the future? And, what, can, we to attract our new comer,


2., how, to solves the content of retaining PHPer?

How does

3. get a place in our PHP field,


4., where, is, the, earnings point,


through my period of time on the market, 99% of the well-known PHP existing forums for analysis, PHP knowledge, PHP members ask questions, PHP related tutorials, we are in a far behind position. The pressure is not the root position, why? You just ask a few of their homes in the active PHP professionals understand that you have?. Don’t say to me that just take charge as chief of the wrong idea, yiluanjidan seduce me. (BS you. ) we often see people say that the Internet was developed a class of its own 2% words and so on, then we carefully analyze what the contents of the 98% existing PHP forum is not available? A pat on the head, found on blog, many websites provide their own blog space to write PHP document. The so tutorial, many tutorial overwhelming in our PHPer front on promotion, is headed by PHPChina PHP has been put into the promotion, site of PHP alliance, each stationmaster said he is the boss, why am I free to serve you? At first glance, the head by the atomic bomb as no way out a road, dead. What do you think? Is that right,


I suggest you look away at this time. Like this, yes. Look at the new road I dug up.

1. in many parts of the country, PHP sites begin to lead their teams into

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