Are social e-commerce sites social or social

since 2011, the domestic social e-commerce has finally become popular. In March 1st, shell network also Nirvana rebirth. The same day a lot of product managers, operators, entrepreneurs rush into testing the rebirth after five years of products. Different opinions, perhaps because the angle of the station is different, so the view is also different. But shell nets also have their own characteristics, that is, let you do a DNA test.

I patiently finished every step of the test, access to their personal pages, see all of their products have been checked in, and give me a comprehensive report:

my DNA style is: leisure, literature and art. DNA ingredients: 13.5% leisure, 7.5% art, 7.5% street, 6.8% sports, 5.3% Mashup, 4.5% LOHAS, 3.8% modern, 3.8% hacker, 3% Pandora, 3% small fresh,…

Although the

report has some convergence, it is still in line with my own positioning and taste. But this kind of test is not supported by a large amount of data, and may only represent the user’s preferences, not the status quo. In any case, this is also a progress in the domestic social e-commerce. Although in foreign countries, such cases and products have been a lot of, stylehive and other sites early on the introduction of the test to recommend, and then go around the guide, but did not see any good development of the site. Instead, some rely on the SNS relationship shopping guide website, it is slowly hot up.

shell network also has its own good friend relationship. When the day came in, suddenly found are colleagues, suddenly embarrassed, after all, not necessarily peer enthusiasts, users want to see in the shopping community is the taste of guidance, advice, assistance and shopping style. Beautiful said to rely on choking small pepper, rely on small, greasy, and every guest has his own "stars" as a guide. And shell this relationship has not yet been issued, allowing users to find the value of reference…… Of course, this and micro-blog and other SNS authorized landing also has relations, good operation should be to guide a batch of seed users, and then began to establish a relationship network. Without seed users, each user’s relationship is multifarious, and after coming in, it is difficult to form interaction.

well, a user said "why" UGC on your website, in fact, is the most important basis to have a relationship network. And the relationship network in the end is the website operators re organization, or direct cooperation with the SNS, effective guidance,



we can see that most of the shopping guide sites have chosen to use micro-blog, Taobao, QQ landing. Will also retain its own registration system (the domestic OpenID war has just begun). In the absence of specific data reference, it is not good to judge what platforms bring more users, but at least let us be sure that once authorized to enter >

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