How to find a weighted domain name, what skills

everyone in the domain name registration, must want to pick some good weight domain name. According to the author’s understanding, want to choose a good domain name, weight domain name, that is a very difficult thing. I used to spend a lot of time to go over, then basically failed. So, we really can not find the weight of the domain name? In fact, if you look carefully, you can find a good domain name. The author according to their own experience, share how I find the weight of domain name.

1. Which are weighted domain names?

1. although now Baidu for the chain is not very important, but we must believe, the chain in Baidu play the role is still very big. So, you in some domain name registered at the same time, must the chain domain name you want to register for the next, if the chain is large enough, you can be registered immediately, because the chain domain number case, on behalf of the domain name is a certain weight. Of course, some domain names have been dropped right, and in this respect, I suggest you can find some and included, and then site:www. web site.Com to see if this domain name is home in the first place.

2. in the chain has not included in the amount of cases, you can find some longer time domain name. For example, there are 2-3 years, 4-5 years of domain names. Generally speaking these words like old domain name, the chain does not have the weight, they may forget to renew. Do not look for those who have a lot of the chain, not included in the amount of the old domain name, usually drop the right, others do not.

two, how to find the domain name that has weight?

I generally find

1. weighted domain names are some forums to see, such as people posting, I will click on the past look, can not open the site, if not open, I quickly query their domain names have been registered, there is no chain, if you meet the weight of the domain name mentioned above is required, I quickly registered.

2. to the domain name business to find the general domain name, will retain some customers domain name in hand, some are weighted, and some are no weight. You can ask your domain name business, look at their domain name outside the chain more than, if in line with the above mentioned domain name weight requirements, you can buy one.

3. to the latest domain name, delete the query there, many webmaster every day in the latest domain name deletion time, find good domain name, have weight domain name. As we all know the deletion of these domain names are generally those owners forget renewals is deleted, so it can find a good domain name in the inside.

4. to some webmaster forum domain name sale plate for these domain names for sale people from the hands of the site may also be opened, this time you have to check their website domain name, which is a good feeling on the purchase, the general people want to sell it.

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