Establish the brand image of B2C mall through details

The development process of

in the B2C mall, for those who have passed the preliminary test of survival, on a basis of the revenue side of the website, to further expand the development of the key is to establish the brand image of the mall. The brand image of the customers to browse and buy a lot of useful information in the process of transfer, for example: this store is very professional, this mall price special discount, this mall product quality is very good…… Wait。 The author of the actual experience to talk about how to establish the brand image of B2C mall through details.

establish image details, identify the location of the mall,

in view of the existence of a large number of competitors, the mall in order to be able to stand out, we must have an accurate positioning, has its own core competitiveness. When the webmaster is positioning his own store, he can think carefully about where he or she is superior to other competitors, and our aim is to maximize these advantages.

, for example, because you can get first-hand supply, so the product price is the core competitiveness of the mall. Then, in the website design, customer service training, soft Wen release, it is necessary to focus fire propaganda this point, so that all customers are able to obtain information in this regard.

build image details two: unified mall logo

we want to design a beautiful, concise and professional logo for our shopping mall, and then apply these signs to any link that relates to the customer experience. Generally speaking, these aspects include the following aspects:

1: website interface design

website interface design to use a lot of signs to the mall, so that customers in the process of browsing the web, constantly under the unified logo hidden behind the "brand image" of the subconscious influence.

2: interface design for mail, QQ and any other communication tools with customers

mail, the signature column is best to use a unified company logo; QQ and other online customer service system, it is best to replace the head into a unified company logo. In addition, users like the company’s blog, micro-blog and other customers may browse the interface should use a unified image logo.

3: products, invoices, express orders, and any other form of printed matter, promotional items, etc.,

should print the company’s uniform logo on the list of stores shipped, the express order, and any other forms of printed matter and publicity materials.

through past experience shows that a large number of these links using a unified logo, can give customers a subconscious positive impact: professional, formal, large enterprises, increase customer trust, improve order turnover rate.

establish image details three: professional training for the staff of the mall

mall’s brand image is a big part of it

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