Class leader e-commerce B2C mall to buy electricity experience


today, a friend asked me where to buy appliances more suitable, so I have to write this article ideas, he is to do network marketing, just in this year’s eleven national day to Beijing in the new home purchase new appliances, also had some experiences from my professional point of view to give you an analysis of several major features of B2C type electronic commerce website at present, and how to choose their own shop.

first of all, to see what to buy products, to buy books can buy Dangdang, or Amazon can, this time I’m buying large appliances, so mainly to talk about where should we buy electricity.

By comparing the

I have reached a conclusion that we can choose to buy electric B2C website basically include Jingdong, mall, Amazon, Gome’s official website, and other small B2C lack of mentioning.

in the user experience of the website, I think the best is the Jingdong because of the Jingdong store, the entire layout of the commercial layout is reasonable, many functional modules have a guiding role for customers to buy goods, such as user evaluation, customer satisfaction etc.. And to the left of the page is the rate at which someone else buys the product. It can serve as a reference for the user to buy the product. The site is also open very quickly. The activities of the products are better, they are relatively clear, and the pictures taken are also very good. The pages are simple and practical. Jingdong and store goods for cash on delivery service is very convenient, you can directly brush POS machine, and the invoice can be directly into the company’s office supplies, the benefits I wanted to start a company people should understand. The disadvantage is that the Jingdong merchandise inventory shortage, there will always be out of stock phenomenon, and not every product has a price advantage, especially to Labor Day or when such a October sales season, will be more intense, and the delivery time will be stretched, this point will affect the entire customer experience satisfaction of Jingdong.

Su Ning’s Tesco development is relatively late, but standing on Su Ning’s strong line of resources on the basis of’s price advantage in all power is very obvious. Especially during the holiday season, the price can be said to be cheaper than the Jingdong on a lot, I like this one in October when buying a LG washing machine, the Jingdong’s price is 2499 yuan, while was more than 1800, so I can’t believe my eyes. But when the goods get really is because I each parameter as like as two peas, is on the. A TV is also a difference of more than 700 yuan, the only price on the same is the refrigerator, basically the same. and the supply of adequate, after all, Suning sales you started, inventory is not to say, and Suning in October this season, the delivery is very timely, the first day of the goods, second days will be delivered to the Jingdong, unlike mall in October this holiday will be.

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