Hulu talking about the potential and development of info domain name

talk about why register a domain name info? Not that com is the best? This sentence is true, but com is expensive, the price at between 45-100, com meters is really good, but the relative ratio of info no price advantage, why the development of the info domain and.Net domain name.Com? Due to gradual depletion of resources, taking.Biz and.Info as the representative of the new company name is on the rise,.Info domain name is also becoming some of the Internet information services company preferred. Specify the name and code of the Internet company (ICANN) in September 2001 19 to enable the.Info domain name, initial info domain name domain name registration company only accept pre registration order, a friend will ask that the price advantage of CN meters with ah, yes, 1 dollars of the CN domain name is the price advantage, but the last time after the price of CN meters between 20-100, and now the country can allow individuals to register the CN meters, so CN also exclude

high performance domain ranks

said that right now, the info domain name price, (of course, first of all that is registered in the domestic and foreign websites, then to 120 a year, no cost at all) is now registered in the is 0.89$, 1.07$is plus tax, converted into RMB is $7.33 [Note: $behind the currency symbol is the dollar is RMB $], it is more convenient to now supports Alipay to pay, I think many of my friends are Alipay, the original words to payapl payment, to not get over the registered PayPal account of friends, to study pondering a day to time, so that the domain name is from a info after a hot money CN domain name domain name, now some domestic grassroots webmaster, should use the info domain name, software recently swept the three digital info domain, has all the note Copies of three letters, I didn’t try, no estimate is 4 letter, but there are many, so the registered a 4 digital, have appreciation potential, but also for our own good, originally registered 2 4 digital domain, there is a, the understanding of the English, registered in the analysis when not careful the delete button, this is not humane, the new network, which has the option to delete a domain network ah, was really mad, now can not recover, use Baidu Search can not find recovery method, using Google translate them the mail, they do not give help recovery, so webmaster in analytical when don’t delete the options.

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