Web site must have value, talk about my site experience

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to the station at the beginning I knew is the establishment of a point of no return (not frustrated road). No chunhuaqiuyue concept, new technologies and new applications to all Internet Oriented; to the topic, gossip, thriller, pictures, visual aesthetic tattle and prate mainstream video based on search engine rules; rules. Adhere to update every day, keep copying, paste, copy paste…

from the initial excitement to admit to confusion, fast growing and near instant success and lead to consequences, is found in other unknown own website and Internet website is no different. I do not know how many webmaster is to build a website for pure love, and how much is the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship. In those days of suffering, I have come to understand that to be a good website, there must be the value of existence (also known as the market economy that conforms to the Internet). Maybe you’re a money maker, and you’re happy with SEO, spam, plug ins, virus promotion, crazy buying online ads, and so on. This is understandable, but this article wants to communicate with the webmaster who wants to do better.

study on the "starting point Chinese network", "station", "the word" this class to encourage and support the personal original characteristics of the site, I decided in the mainstream content (news, communication, etc.) will be the site of the direction of medicine and law two class quiz development, because there is a question some data with the accumulation of professional friends in website quiz, quiz website function began. At first, the content of the question communication is limited to the topic of the forum and the user of the website itself. After I have done a few "special quiz time", "doubts earned points" activities, and gradually began to have more health, legal disputes.

however, this process is very long, every day in the company as long as the work is not so busy, immediately soak in the web site. Often go to Baidu know, Search ask, ask them to answer questions and their website posted in the past, once the site of a new question or answer questions, I was delighted to see them again and again, just look at their own children, did not mean to stop. Long soak in the station (Chianz) also found a lot of useful tools for free, once saw a data exchange and share software (iCenter), originally wanted to ask this one to have more questions, just this software is a iAsk! Q & A share function, is to be used in the question. Gradually, I see the inside of the door, and other web sites ask, in my website can answer, and vice versa. Needless to say, questions and answers are certainly more up. Sometimes a question, a lot of different answers, quite a hundred schools of thought. Thus, the mutual help between users makes me worry much, and do not have to drag the old friends on the website, waiting to answer the questions of users.

I chatted with some of the webmaster using this software, and I felt that if you use iAsk, Q & a interactive function to develop "regular online question and answer", Ken >

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