Horse Grassland Ten Golden Rules for Web links

to see a person’s worth, look at his friends around, see the quality of a web site to see his friendship link. Links to the importance of website construction, since little speech. How to find high-quality friendship links, how to set a level of friendship links, how to maintain valuable links? Ma grassland here to focus on analysis and share the ten golden rule of friendship links.

one, friends chain exchange and applications should be sincere

a website and other websites apply for links, just as a city wants to build an intercity road with other cities. Cities are busy and backward, and the websites are divided into new and small ones. The new website is a kid to a veteran of the old site for friends of the chain, in the attitude of acting like I treat big brother must respect and sincere. A chain exchange Zuiji boomy, better to link to other sites to apply again.

two, friend chain name and address to match

If the name of "

" is not right, the words will not go smoothly. Name and address of the link of a chain to match not only to a proper extent, consistent with the link name in the domain of English Chinese literal translation or Pinyin, but also reflect the actual content on the site is consistent with the link name. For example, Ma grassland blog and horse grassland forum is the "horse Grassland" three words of Chinese phonetic alphabet, station name and domain name is very closely linked.

three, friends chain updates and content to continue

new website in the development process, it is difficult to find high-quality friends in the early construction of the chain, which is inevitable normal phenomenon. The new website should learn to keep a long line to catch big fish. As the website grows and grows continuously, the links will gradually improve standards and requirements. In examining the qualifications and conditions of other websites, you can also carefully identify the speed of updates and the frequency of link content updates from your links. Mature websites generally don’t increase or decrease the number of friends on a large scale.

four, friends chain included and snapshot in time

many websites to Google PR value for friends chain standard behind, in fact is the website weight problem. A high weight web site often means that its dependence is high, the search engine to its grid favor and care, included a large number of web pages, web snapshot updates quickly. Of course, different search engines have different standards for website weights, but they are always the same. The most direct and obvious criterion is the keyword ranking of websites and the time speed of website collection.

five, friends chain text and pictures to be reasonable

the form of the link is written, good, or picture shaped good, or two, this does not have a unified standard?. According to the actual situation of the site to deal with specific, general website most will choose mixed text type and image type, focus on some pages open speed and save the link space website, will select the text type chain mode. For those large traffic sites, the picture type friends chain is even more

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