nternational home network Huang Xiangru talk about online group buying

is another day May Day, this year is the first year to cancel the 51 holiday system, many of my friends have canceled travel plans, and focus on shopping, shopping category, Home Furnishing is a bright spot.

with the marriage industry and real estate industry heat increased, Home Furnishing has attracted more and more attention, people are most concerned about is the health problems and Home Furnishing commodity prices, therefore, group purchase goods Home Furnishing kicked off around the country in the first tier and second tier city 51 slogan is "group purchase".

in Nanjing, house365 real estate Home Furnishing network group purchase house, long wing network group purchase wedding;

in Shanghai, fence home buying group, international home network home Group buy;


now the offline activities of the portal website, group buying is the first choice.

group buying process

international home network group buying process is a collection of home long, after summing up and revised by veteran people, I believe it will help the industry personnel.

first based on website members and their needs, to determine suppliers to participate in the group purchase, and to invite them to form a group purchase of suppliers and their brands and products buy program. Then publish online group buying program and activity time, and email to members to send a group call notice, interested members can sign up for the group purchase.

1, group call. International home network group buying activities are held regularly, the more popular way to participate is online message registration, BBS short message, telephone registration

2, group purchase implementation. Group purchase activities, participate in group purchase supply to the base layout of the International Chamber of Commerce Group purchase samples Home Furnishing network show, providing consulting services; and to participate in group purchase member to the hall look like, if satisfied, to the international Home Furnishing net orders and payment, and obtain the corresponding points.

3, order execution. The order received by group buying activities will be sent to the corresponding suppliers according to the order form when the order is received by the international home network. According to the prior agreement, some products are directly delivered to the customer by the supplier, while some products are sent to the international home network by the supplier first. Then, the international home network then delivers the goods to the customer. Finally, the group buys the supplier according to the delivery list and the Shanghai group buying network to settle the payment.

Problems encountered in the process of

group buying

in addition, in order to ensure the smooth operation of this model, in orders to fulfill the obligation and responsibility to urge the supplier to integrity, protection of rights and interests of the members and should be signed to each supplier to receive a certain amount of deposit, when the supplier breach of contract, with the deposit to the customer in order to stimulate Xianhengpeifu; and members participate in group purchase website, will be established purchase records and calculate the integral member integral can be readily convertible into a certain kind of value, the exchange for prizes.

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