The advantages and disadvantages of network videos.

network dedicated to greeting Annubar the most professional jeans sales platform, now has been planned for 2 months, is expected in 08 years in June 1 officially launched, Guangdong is a major international brand to do OEM factory investment (factory large)


first advantage of the line is very powerful, almost from the sale of the production line directly, this would solve the inventory and cost control problem of B2C mall facing, followed by good quality products because of the long-term to international brands is factory processing out of product quality and international brands to be roughly the same. There is a long-term profitable factory keeps can give web site operators to provide a strong guarantee for


online the advantage of their team is very strong from the technical planning and customer service are well experienced in related industries, I see their beta internal website feel good, Korean style pants! See their jeans itself of good quality of several of our friends go to see feel good

!The disadvantage of

network is also very obvious Aniu is the product itself brand and brand website itself is not enough, the work is to try to do the function of the website and the status of the page to do good to the quality of the product itself is also very good, now is how they put these to transfer out the. If you want to sell products based on how they tell people through the network, the product’s cost-effective, this above must be a little hard work!


site in June online, please go to see

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