How to write the soft text well

soft Wen, is a very common and very effective means of promotion, whether it is SEO or promotion brand, can be immediate. Also led to the current soft Wen sky fly, especially some webmaster stand, a soft Wen have been copied, dozens of times, can be imagined, many soft text to achieve the effect, certainly very not ideal.

want to improve the effect of soft Wen, first of all must from the SEO principle to analysis. Let’s take Baidu for example. You published a soft text –> Baidu included this article –> Baidu analysis of this article –> according to the results of the index storage; that is to determine the link of the article.

so, we release soft Wen, first must guarantee that this article will be Baidu included. So you need to go to the website with high weight to publish the article. This is the key, otherwise all the way here.

next, make sure that the article is relevant to the link keyword. I often see the soft text that other people publish, it is in the end of the article or the place that does not have relevant place puts a link. For example, a webmaster class article, which put a movie station connection, this is the effect is very poor. Now let me write an example.

for example you need to do the words "novel network ranking, the first of all, we must use the novel network do the anchor text links, rather than just the URL, secondly, around the novel network, need to have the relevant text, such as literature, fiction, fantasy novels etc.. Baidu will add weight to this connection through these related words. Then there is the theme of this article, and now is an example, and now to this heavy and novel irrelevant theme article, the effect is naturally much worse. Finally, is your soft Wen published web site theme. If you want to promote the "novel", then to the novel related sites, the weight is certainly high, very much. In fact, this paragraph of my text is a correct example of soft.

, of course, also need to consider a few points, one is at least 100 words related to text words, as the above paragraph. Two is the connection, do not repeat. You can’t do "novel" and "novel net" at the same time. Several key words are linked to the same address, so the weight is dispersed and even punished. Do a keyword link, add to the website address, the same is also made the mistake (if not with URL links, it will not cause repeated, such as connecting the following three), preferably at the beginning of the paragraph. (stationmaster starts. Reprint please indicate: view)

good write a soft text, the effect is at least ten times higher than the ordinary.

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