Founders of small companies 4 ways to keep an enterprise alivePre-PO under the new three panel loss

plan your actions carefully, make each step effective, and work with your employees. There is no way to avoid failure, but at least once the failure occurs, you will have people who support you, help you decide what to do next, or how to avoid risk next time. In addition, through these more conservative risks, you will make fewer mistakes, eliminate bad influences and reinvigorate yourself on a previous economic base.

start-ups are not like joint ventures. They are closed or even bankrupt, often because of their own lack of knowledge and even ignorance of small business owners.

2, understand the possible risks. All entrepreneurs are adventurers. They need great confidence in their failure to succeed in business. But in the end, what makes them successful is to figure out the risks that might lead to your failure.

Chen Li’s company is not the only one to feel the pressure. Profits are becoming the only direction of the market filtering company, with the IPO baton waving. Companies that are not yet profitable are being "selectively" abandoned by the market.

for this change, Meng Kun expressed understanding. Fundamentally, this is a cycle of the capital market. This cycle was caused by the acceleration of IPO, as it is currently larger

Yuan Chang has given up financing. The reason is simple, the company is in the initial stage, has not been profitable, in the new three board is very unpopular.

it worried Chen Li a little. You know, there are hundreds of shareholders in the company. They are the ones who really affect the share prices of the two tier companies.

, there’s a great job here

"before those very traditional industry, also may not have much prospect, but as long as they are now No one shows any interest in, a year 30 million of the profits, enough to attract the attention of the market," Meng Kun said some frustration.

"come back to me when you have a profit," which is almost the answer Yuan Chang has heard.

all you have to do is study the costs and benefits of each decision and identify the worst. Make a backup plan. Of course, it depends on some trusted consultants, such as your accountant, bank, marketing consultant, lawyer and insurance agent.

Chen Li’s worry is not without reason. Prior to, Li Li’s profit and income indicators are in line with the IPO standard. A loss of performance in 2016 means that the company is unlikely to IPO in the short term. Annual release date, the company’s share price has fallen quite a lot.

is hailed as the next "NASDAQ" three new board, carrying many innovative start-up company’s dream, they are too eager to board the domestic capital market. You know, in the past, China’s capital market is almost synonymous with wealth.

3 knows how much cash flow is needed to ensure stability. If you start a small company, having a steady cash flow is critical. You need to pay bills, pay employees, buy raw materials to expand services, or produce new products, and so on. You also need a list of one-time and ongoing expenses so that you can figure out how much basic capital you need to keep your business running regularly.

at that time, Chen Li phones are ringing off the hook.

you can send a message through the blog, e-mail, participate in the interview, through interesting platform publishing related publications, also can do some related information guide and guidance of the video, which will help to your business.

| struggling |

"at least 350 people contact me through different ways, for the reaction of investors, Chen Li seemed a bit surprised," did not think investors will have so much emotion."

1, to prove your expertise to the customer. If you want customers to trust you pay for your product or service, then you have to prove that you are an expert in your field.

two months ago, Chen Li’s company disclosed the 2016 annual report, the performance turned from profit to loss. The innovation layer should be audited according to the standards of listed companies. After we communicate with accountants, we will make provision for impairment of fixed assets and intangible assets, which will affect the net profit."

in these innovative start-up companies view, the new three board is a good opportunity. However, they are full of hope, but there are many disappointed with them. Still adhere to, but also inevitably in anxiety and confusion, and strive to adapt to the survival of this market law.

The reasons for the failure of

"if entrepreneurs really know what they did wrong, they might have been able to solve the problem."." Entrepreneur and business speaker Jay Goltz told the New York Times, "for most people, you ask them where the problem is, they simply deny it, or tell you they don’t know."."

Yuan Chang company’s predicament, in the new three board market is not an example.

shares tumbled and lingering in the low, Chen Li is in the most intuitive feeling.

"although you can’t buy trust in these ways very quickly, but slowly, as time goes on, you can build up a trust relationship for free." Jeffrey Gitomer, a business consultant, said in a blog post.

in such a sudden outbreak and suddenly cold market, only the company’s own personal sorrow and joy, but most clearly.

, don’t fall into this trap. So, as an entrepreneur, learn the following ways to give yourself a chance to fight and give your business a chance to make a long-term profit.

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