Mobile nternet era, local owners still have the opportunity14 Adsense no income market calls for co

with high coverage of intelligent mobile phone and mobile 3G, the rapid popularization of 4G network, based on intelligent mobile phone as the carrier of all kinds of mobile applications rapidly expand and favored access to capital, the two years of mobile Internet access to the huge investment project news is also often seen in the media, I cannot help but sigh: the mobile Internet era Nuggets here so quickly.? why are they so easy to get huge financing? Oh, I see light suddenly, because he is.

purely rely on search engines to get traffic to Taobao by commission not reliable, then after a friend introduced to the travel agency affiliated to a travel agency’s marketing department, depending on the precise keywords do tourism access business itself once again lived a secure life, and that this could have been so down, familiar with sh419 or algorithm has always been changing. Search ranking becomes more and more difficult, and the rise of tourism group purchase and then sh419 launched the frame plan directly into the third party travel platform information directly displayed in the search engine.

is about 10 years, after a friend used, found that there are something called SEO, then began working on SEO, probably spent more than 2 months of study and practice, on its website to do a few amount of thousands of search keywords do the top three roughly stable for more than a year of practice with these words, the site every day to have more than 5000 IP, back began to do some long tail keywords, relying on these keywords bring traffic Hang Taobao guest page by Taobao Commission is lived a secure life. Unfortunately, this day has been a year of June, the rain events do a lot of SEO people should know, sh419 then began to adjust the algorithm friends site from search engine traffic lost.

Xi came to power after the strict public consumption, the tourism industry also received a serious blow to the inevitable low, old customers to consumption, new customers rely on search engines and bring less and less, I once again faced with a choice. For a long time, I was wondering whether my friend was wrong or not. Should I change my mind? That’s why I’m mixing my days and thinking about the way out.

a five years ago on the Internet basics absolutely ignorant of the rookie, accidentally broke into a webmaster forum, looking at a station on site had a secure life is very envy, coincides with the graduation season, Shanghai resume, ran several job fairs after the fruit with a beautiful vision of the Internet to start the owners of the road. Do not understand the technology, sh419, sh419 can not find, go to webmaster forum consultation. Through 2 months of study and practice, to toss out the first site on their own, did not know there is SEO this means relying on enthusiasm everywhere with psoriasis of the ad, but with little success, so insist on more than half a year, but not as a webmaster said a desultory day, even poor to three meals a day can eat instant noodles.

below is my true story:

in September 21st, "2006 China Internet Conference will be held in Beijing, the conference will be the theme of" Innovation — opportunities brought by the Internet, as the General Assembly designated website, exclusive release of the Internet community survey conclusion.


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