Advantages and disadvantages of advertising alliancesBeginners can’t make money online just for mone

many webmaster recommend me to do this, the union does not need any fees, advertising variety, there are many, but the price of 7 points more advertising. But relatively speaking, the ad click rate, suitable for large, the station is not recommended.

I’ve built websites, built blogs, done affiliate ads, and all kinds of online part-time projects that I’ve mentioned online. I’m basically trying to do it. But the end result was a failure. I seem to doubt that the Internet is not what people call real money. But listen to how many of those monthly masters are talking about the process of their success and how enviable it is. Although I haven’t made any money, I seem to feel that I’m making progress and imagine I can be kept in a network where I don’t have the money to go on, and to get to know the entrepreneurial stories of famous people. To learn their ways. I don’t think I got it.

1: eight party advertising alliance

2. purchase network union.6zg/

do popups, you can not hesitate to choose this alliance, basically can pop-up. Other types of ads are not recommended, because they are not explained here.

3. shlf1314 Adsense keyrun/

5. world search

Author: www.joy0574

09 years in October, one of the online games are not interested in my own computer, suddenly on the so-called online part-time or is Wangzhuan interested. So every day as long as the Internet will find about making money online, the first time, what began as a survey registration, click Wangzhuan, I try to do some. But hardly a penny was earned. Remember when you just do a Alipay Wangzhuan earned poor 0.2 hair, then hit the Alipay account. I thought it was funny at the time. But it also made me more interested in making money online. For the next two months, I’ve been searching online, trying to find out what I’m going to read about as soon as I can make money. One of my classmates works in the school computer room. In the evening, we can pack our evenings at night, so I basically go to the hostel for 4 weeks. It is the coldest time of Harbin City, I was wearing a down jacket in the room shaking, but still insist that start. Because I know I’m hooked on it.

as a veteran advertising alliance, there are many supporters, the beginning of site friends to put advertising, perhaps the first one will think of eight parties. Because eight party code is very attractive, the advertisement hits rate is very high. If you optimize your site well enough, the eight party click rate to achieve 3 is not a problem at all. Price is not at the end, points sold to the official 0.0185, and pay fast. But experienced webmaster know eight party buckle amount, specific buckle how many, we don’t know.

4. easy advertising alliance

new advertising alliance, I also recently, very good, also do a lot of good standing. You can choose custom, or you can use it to give your code, the former is 0.02, and the latter 0.03 is relatively high. No deduction, personal recommendation.

dream 58 part-time webmaster is a college student, since joining online part-time industry since inside. I haven’t made much money yet, but I still feel like I’ve gained a lot. So I’d like to discuss it with you. We novice online part-time, in the end should be what kind of mentality and ideas to face?.

although I still wonder if the Internet can make me make money. But I think I will still try and persist. Because I really have the harvest. We can not blindly see the online part-time project is blind to do. that’s the lesson I’ve been taught that we need to think, judge, and understand. If we see what we do, I think the result is basically nothing. Just like when I do Wangzhuan survey, nearly more than 20 registered website address. Let’s see, every day you go to the website and see how much money you make, that’s going to be a really tiring thing. Some people think that’s what I didn’t insist on. But what I want to tell you is… We really need to persist in doing things. But the premise is that what you do is meaningful and valuable to you, is it right for you to do it?. Only when you find yourself interested in an online part-time project or a project that suits you, you have the confidence to keep it up. And our part time job on the Internet

will introduce the above 5, I often do it. We have to admit that the domestic advertising alliance is immature, so shlf1314 AdSense can be so successful in china. No one can give such a good price at home, and no one can guarantee the amount of advertising, so we all choose shlf1314. Many of my friends do not shlf1314, although the price is high, but it is the click rate is low, the best rate is 1%, but you have to think he is PV, if the average PV of your site is 10 times of others, then your shlf1314 IP hits the 10% firmly. My station is 2000 IP, 40 thousand PV, shlf1314 one day, 5 knives steady. Therefore, to make a profitable website, we must strive to improve pv.

many webmaster do custom advertising will choose this, custom advantage is you, you can control advertising clicks, unit 1.8 is also good.

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